Here in metro Detroit there is an event called VODKA VODKA. Last year was the first year and it was a frakkin awesome time. I remember being totally shit canned and drunk talking to my friend Alison (pictured) about how I might have to have surgery and I might have no colon and how I might have to wear a god awful bag.  Whelp….fast forward a year later….and lets just say…I was less drunk this year, less fat, and far happier.  Heres to years and years of VODKA VODKA-ing.

Side note: Its really hard to take pictures of yourself when you’re fat/sick/ugly/sad. I didn’t let many pictures get taken at all. While it’s really hard looking back on these pictures and seeing myself …it becomes motivation. I need reminders for what I’m doing and how hard I’m working. Even if you never share your ugly pictures with the world (like I do) I still think you should take them and keep them as a reminder of how far you’ve come.