Monday I went to CC for another steroid injection and also an ileoscopy, and to chit chat with Dr. Remzi and Dr Achkar who is basically the Pyoderma Prophet.
Lets start at the beginning:
I did the ileoscopy, I got sedated. I have vowed to never do any type of scope EVER without sedation ever again. Eff that S. So that was easy, painless, totally fine. Also no signs of crohns anywhere, so that is good news. Its sorta relief.
Then I met with Dr Remzi. He had all kinds of news, good, bad, ugly, weird. So he looks at my Pyoderma with Dr. Achkar and they kinda banter back and forth that it is now, not a pyoderma. (great after I just bought a $100 cream for it). They decided it was not acting pyoderma-y and that they dont know what it is, but their best guess is an abcess. An abcess in real people language is an injection under the skin. So its actually better that it has popped out. Because I’m not showing signs of an infection that means its doing ok but not healing. We stopped the pyoderma treatments and he decided not to inject it with steroids because…..
Dr Remzi thinks that the side of the wound is a tiny bit away from the wall of my small intestine. How did he deduce this you may ask? HE STUCK HIS FINGER IN MY STOMA. If I coulda, I woulda crapped my pants. It was like, lets stick stuff in Jackie’s Stoma Day. It did NOT hurt, I felt pressure but it was just all kinds of weird. So anyway.. if he injects it wrong or it erods away anymore it could open the bowel wall…which is bad, and I’d be pooping right into the wound. All kinds of bad. So since I have only 28days (YES!) until surgery he said we’re just going to leave it alone.
BUT…here is the bad news. There is a chance, that because of this wound and its proximity to the stoma, that he might have to move the stoma to the other side…FUCK. This would suck. But honestly…seriously…what is one more giant scar. Its not the end of the world at this point. This body will never see the sunlight again in a bikini.
But we did talk about bringing in a plastic surgeon again to do the close up scar this time, so it looks less butch.
Also..there is other potentially really good/amazing news, that I can’t write here. This is such a lame ass blogger move, and normally I wouldn’t do this (and I might change my mind) BUT there are certain people who read this that I can’t really…eh whatever I’m not telling you right now. BUT just know it could be really good.
Then I met with Dr. Ashkar (a.k.a. Pyoderma Prophet) and discussed this pyoderma/abcess and how we all hope it goes away and I live happily ever after.
So that was Monday. I feel good, I feel confident, but the new stoma site doesnt thrill me. We shall see. Also as an update as of today I am 159.6. Thats 2lbs from 30lbs lost since August. I’ve got 28 days to get the 12 total pounds I want!