Update: I registered for classes. I’m going to school. I’m going to take Rachelle’s suggestion and register with the Disabled Students Org. Isn’t that a bitch…I’m a disabled student.
Anyhoo. I just got back from my trip to Oregon. What a rad state. It was even more rad because my stupid ostomy didn’t cause any problems. In fact, for the first time EVER I got it to stick so well I waiting almost a week to change it. Which isn’t good, but shit I’ll take that as opposed to changing mid-vacation or because its falling off. Oregon’s cool. Its got some cool stuff, like the ocean and Voodoo donuts. Its like a better, prettier version of Michigan.
I have been having this issue with the whole ostomy/skin bit. I’m gonna call the stoma nurse unless you guys can help me out. I’ve been using barrier rings lately, because paste made me want to kill myself.  One time, I had this ring that was stuck to my skin so well it WOULD NOT come off. Period. It sucked and I ended up sorta ripping off some skin which totally tickled. So anyhoo, it is sorta this little mini open wound that I poured some stoma powder on to just protect it, but obviously I had to put sticky shit right over it again. Lets just say it hasn’t healed but it hasn’t really gotten worse, but every time I take off the wafer I’m afraid I’ll rip it open more. What do I do about this? Suggestions?
Well anyhoo, with that, here are  some Oregon pictures.