I’m gonna tell you all the potentially awesome news…just don’t tell my dad. I’m serious Internet, if I find out one of you turds told him I’m gonna hunt you down and stick stuff in your stoma.
Anyhew. I ended up telling my mom about this news, and her and my dad were the two I was worried about. I just didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. We’ve all had so much disappointment through this process, I felt like I could protect them from this one if it doesn’t work out. But at my last appointment with Remzi, he said that since the bowel wall is playing peak-a-boo, he might just finish the whole shabang up in this next surgery. I KNOW.

I googled "nervous" I got this. The article it came from said "His penis makes me nervous"

So lets talk about how this surgery is like the biggest day of my life:

  • I’m working my ass off to lose this weight. If I dont get the lbs down enough, I don’t get the surgery,
  • There is still a chance this surgery won’t work and I’ll go perm ileo.
  • He could move my stoma site and keep it there until the next surgery
  • OR he could choose to create the jpouch and hook it up all in one swoop.

Basically Dr. Remzi is my god right now and hes choosing how my life will work from here on out. And hes making that choice while im passed out, and sliced open on a table. You wanna be me, dont you?!
There is a lot riding on this surgery. Like a lot. Each one of those scenarios has a seriously different outcome. So here I am, back in limbo land. So pray to your God or bow down to your Satan. Do whatever you gotta do to get me a new butt.