I’m a huge fan of any technology that is useful and not a waste of space on my droid. I have had a lot of apps that promise to be helpful but low and behold most suck.
I recently found this one, the one that SHOULD have been called the “Ass App”. Its not, but it would make it much cooler.

Its a free app thats good for Android or iPhone. Its actually called the GI Monitor. Basically it helps you track all your poop and how you feel. Back in the ‘ol colon days this woulda been helpful for when my doctors asked me those exact questions. I never wanted to have a written journal monitoring my ass and what did or didn’t come out of it. This would have been far superior. So maybe I’ll snag this sucker when I enter into the Jpouch part of my life. Who knows.
Here is some more info
Apparently they also have a Colonoscopy Prep app. I’m no so sure what good that will do …unless it just reminds you to keep pooping for a few hours. I’m pretty sure the prep for that is pretty self explanatory.