I started this blog in March (I think). Since then I have had 6,500 hits. Now I’m no perez hilton but thats a huge number for me considering its over about 1,000 hits a month. I really wanted to take a minute and thank those of you who read my ramblings and more so those of you who comment. Your well wishes, and words of encouragement seriously are so awesome and often times its the only reason I keep writing. I really try to respond to every comment because I know that it takes a lot to actually comment on something. I read a lot of blogs and rarely comment. Those of you who keep reading and comment multiple times, you seriously mean so much to me and have made this whole stupid UC diseased butt journey worth doing. It makes me less hesitant to talk about things like shoving foam up my butt, and bags full of poop because i know you’re doing it too. Wait, you are doing that right? Its not just me?!
Anyway. Thank you. For real. From my butt to yours.