Got my staples out today. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I mean, it didn’t tickle but I didn’t die either and it was far nicer having them removed while lying on my couch, than in a hospital bed.
So the home nurse came today, I’ll get to that in a bit. Obviously, she took out my staples and said its all looking good. Though it looks like hell to me, but I’m no nurse. So I go to take a shower after she leaves, and the very top of my incision….busted open. GROSS. No really it was like a hole in my stomach. Ugh, its a good thing I’m such a damn trooper. So I slapped a steri-strip on it and called it a day.
So the home nurse. She came and talked a lot. She was very nice, but it didn’t need to be a 2.5 hour visit. We changed the bag/flange again and I’m back in the Hollister two piece…thank gawd. She also told me about another 2 piece system that she thinks I’ll like a lot so shes bringing me samples on Thursday. Shes also signed me up for the sample pack from Colo-plast which is rad because the sample pack from Hollister had a TON of stuff in it. So thats all great, I love free crap. Even if its free ostomy supplies…still awesome.
Today something happened to me. I was sitting here on my couch watching some horrible day time TV, cuddling with my dog, and it sorta hit me. Holy Shit. I’m happy. And not only am I actually really genuinely happy for the first time in  a long time, but I’m happy WITH A POOP BAG. Am I magic? Am I an odd defier*? Who is happy after this surgery, who is happier with a bag of shit literally hanging on them?  I am. Thats who. Can’t explain it, don’t care to. Its a very strange feeling to be happy again for the first time in a long time, especially considering the surgery and some other life situations. Perhaps the anti-depressants are finally kicking in. Perhaps I’m finally just getting over some crappy luck. Perhaps I just don’t care anymore.
*I dont know if this is odd defyer, or odd defier. I dont think its a real word. So I picked one. Deal with it.
This looks super gross and infected and all kinds of nasty to me. But the nurse assured me that everything is lookin good and great….eh. I’ll trust her. Hopefully I’m not growing some kind of gross fungus or something.