Well recovery from this surgery is moving slow. Really obnoxiously slow, mostly due to the giant hole I have in my incision that won’t heal. I get close with a big scab and then some how it gets ripped off…hence why I asked for stitches.

Anyway. First and foremost. I am down to 169 lbs. Which is probably from just not eating. But I’m trying, I’m just never hungry. Its kind of a mind fuck because I want to eat because you’re supposed to, but I’m not hungry and I’ve got to lose weight. Before I get all your lecture on how I have to eat…I know. I’m trying…thanks mom.
Anyway. Lets talk Stomas. Mine…this new one..is a real bastard. I didn’t name it cause I hate it. Its sooo damn loud and I dont know why. Like constant loud. Its super attractive. So not only do I wear my butthole on my stomach…I also hear it all the time. Its the worst show and tell ever.
IĀ  also have this weirdo pain that comes and goes right around where my drain tube used to be. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to CC so I could just run on over for a check up, instead Im afraid like my insides are eating their way out and the stoma is their leader barking commands.
Also…someone found my blog by searching “cowgirl butt poo”.
I feel honored.