The sensation in your butt when you need to poop or fart is a weird thing. You feel it your whole life, eventually you learn to control it, but its always there. Well…my butt isn’t active anymore. No more plumbing hooked up to it. BUT I still get feelings there. Like when someone has their arm cut off but has phantom feelings…is kinda like that. Like, I have felt sensations in my butt my whole life, but now its just out of habit I would assume. Its not like I could actually fart out of my butt even if I wanted to.
Aren’t you glad you’re reading this? I mean really, this is award winning material today.
Anyway. Other than my butt not doing anything I’m doing really well these days. Far better than I really expected. My incision is still healing…slowly because of the steroids. However I am weening my steroids as we speak so hopefully that will help the healing and the fat. I’m tired of the fat. I still do not sleep very well, max like 5 hours a night, however I am not tired during the day the next day. I can tell my energy levels are up. Also all of my UC symptoms are gone. Which I expected, but just realized it. No more stomach aches, no more major fatigue, no more blood, no more loud bowel movements…pretty much everything. gone. Its pretty amazing. I mean yea this bag is gross, and stupid but by removing my colon has resolved basically every issue I have had.
I think today I’m going to take a walk outside. Its a nice day, so I think its time. I feel really good until I get to doing a lot of moving. I went gocery shopping last week and got all tired and clammy feeling. I mean I haven’t done a lot of physical activity in a few weeks and even before that, its been months since I’ve really done anything active. I have a lot of work to do. Its a little daunting to think about how far I have to go to be really actually healthy again. But I think i can do it.
I am not thrilled that my previous GI had me steroids for so long. I am not thrilled that I have long last effects from it and that I will have to deal with a lot of this forever but again….thats life. What else am I gonna do?
And well since this post is about farts anyway…Stella did eventually calm down. The first week or 2 was CRAZY and annoying, but lately shes been pretty calm with the whole fart thing. I think we may have come to an understanding. I will eat yummy things that are easy to get out, like mashed potatoes and yogurt, and she will shut the hell up.