So I have been planning a tattoo for a while. I spent a lot of time and back and forth with the artist to get what I wanted. I knew that I ran the risk of it being generic and something that someone else had done before. I spent a lot of time asking other people their opinions..and finally I just went and did it.  I wanted it to potray hope, and encouragement, and be unique and blah blah blah. All of this is true. Honestly, I wanted a bad ass tattoo. But truthfully, I didnt want it to be something that said “I have no intestine and it was really tough getting here”. I basically gave the basics of what I wanted to an artist and said ok go with it. And he did. And it was awesome. And the same day that I posted my fat face pictures, I got my tattoo. I was waiting to lose some more weight, but I was tired of waiting, and I wanted  this thing…I felt like I deserved it. ….in whatever sadistic way you take that.