Someone had asked me a long time ago about my attempts for scar revisions through this whole process. My scar is about a 10 inches long, from above my belly button all the way down to my lady parts. After being cut open 3 times, lets just say my scar was less than beautiful. I had asked for stiches multiple times and everytime got staples except this last time.
If everything goes right, this past surgery, should be the last time that I get cut totally open. So this time, I had a “plastic surgery” closure. Which means they cut out most of the wide scar tissue, used stiches under the skin, glue on top of the skin, and then steri-strips to close it. I can still see all of the stupid little centipede feet marks from the staples all the way down..which is really annoying, but over all the scar does look better.
I learned that most often…surgeons don’t give a flying crap what your scar looks like. If you’re in the process of these surgeries…and you end up like me a laproscopic reject, talk to your surgeon about what the plan is for when you’re totally done. I had to push Remzi EVERYTIME I saw him about the kind of closure I would get, because it was not a priority for him. I had to fight for this for almost a year now…and finally I have a scar…I can at least deal with. Heres the weird thing…for any of you out there who have real scar like I do* do you find yourself just like touching the scar without even realizing it? Its like a weird thing that I do…I know. Its weird. Forget I said anything…
Anyway…The slide show below shows some of my scar photos…I guess I never took real clear ones. Also it doesn’t show the whole scar cause I didn’t wanna put my lady bits all over the interwebz…at least, not yet.
*Lapro scars are not real scars. I don’t care what you say…they aren’t.