So heres a fun fact that no one has ever talked about. So I’ve had this thing lately where whatever I eat….I smell it again when I’m emptying my bag. And I’m not talking I smell it all digested and poop smelling…but like…it smells like it did when it went in + poop. Example: I had a BBQ burger for dinner the other night….the next day for like 2 empties, I smelled BBQ sauce. I thought I was going crazy but I started noticing it more. Its real. Its weird. Its real weird.
Also…heres another fun fact. I had to go to the effing ER AGAIN today. FML x 1000. I think I may have mentioned this but I had a barrier ring a few weeks ago that stuck like crazy in one spot…and I eventually had to sorta just rip it off. It ripped open a spot on my skin which got a little worse and after a call to the WOC nurse they said liquid band-aid would help it. So then I use that for a few weeks and on this past monday, I changed it and it looked better/smaller/less gross. WIN. I went to change it again today, and it was HUGE, RED and painful. FAIL.
So I started freaking out…I called everyone. Cleveland: Sat on Hold. Former Stoma Nurse: Disconnected Number. Remzi’s Cell: Right to voicemail. A friend thats a nurse who also had an ostomy: no answer.

Wound on the left...Stoma on the right. Thought I'd clear that up considering the doctor had to ask....

So I did what anyone else would do while freaking out…I totally cried. Like a loser. But I knew I couldn’t put a wafer back over it…and I didn’t have a bag on, so I knew eventually I’d just be pooping all over myself, with this big ol wound there that I couldn’t fix. I felt helpless. So my friend called me back and told me I should probably go to the ER. So I did. It was a useless trip because it took a long time (like usual) but they packed the wound, covered it with that thing plastic stuff that they use for IVs, and gave me numbers for a stoma nurse tomorrow….I feel better about it…but it might take just about forever to heal. Seriously in a weeks time it went from the size of the tip of my pinky, to almost 1/2 inch big and deep. Like a god damned canyon.