My only and favorite sister just gave birth to her first child in January. Her pregnancy was a learning experience for us all, and it took place over the entire length of my UC journey. Watching my sister in her pregnancy and since shes a teacher and has summers off, during my hospitalizations, we spend a lot of time together talking about our very different situations. Very different? Perhaps not.  It was SHOCKING how often her pregnancy paralleled my sickness. Now she didn’t have an abnormally strange, or painful pregnancy but there were just so many things that almost made me wish i was pregnant cause at least Id get a kid at the end of it all…and shes done now. I feel like I’m just beginning.
We both spend almost the last year of out lives, eating, gaining weight, napping, being fatigued, getting stretch marks, having strange pains, having some changes in our pooping habits and the list goes on. Seriously, its totally ridiculous. Right down to the simple fact that I’m going to have a full 9 months from start to finish with these surgeries.I’ll be carrying around this pain in the ass. This thing attached to me, which is a major change to my body, which needs constant attention and monitoring.
Enter…my osto-baby. Now my osto-baby won’t be nearly as cute and entertaining as my Niece, however the hope is that its far less maintenance, and doesn’t cry. Its probably going to poop about the same.
Dear Osto-baby,
I don’t know you yet, and while I can’t say that Im really excited for your arrival, I am excited for the end of this all. Its going to take a while getting used to you, and I’m not sure that I really ever will. You’re going to change my life…HOPEFULLY for the better. Perhaps one day I’ll look back on the memories of you fondly, although I doubt it. Perhaps I’ll give a girlish giggle when I think of the embarrassment that you’re sure to cause me. Though that outlook is not so good, I have no choice but to welcome you in my life as you are coming whether I’m ready or not.
I hope you don’t suck too much.