Gali Health presents: “Mental Health and IBD,” a round-table discussion featuring Sara Asher (@chronicallysarauc), Shawn Bethea (@heyshawnnn_), Mary Horsley (@ItCouldBeWorseBlog, @MaryWithTheGreenHair), Angela Cohen (@ange_lee_me) and Joe Hinksman (, moderated by me! In an effort to raise awareness of mental health issues that can affect people living with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), Gali Health hosted a round-table discussion featuring five IBD advocates that was broadcast live on social media. I asked the participants about the impact their chronic illness has had on their mental health and their advice for coping with these challenges. The conversation touched upon work and IBD, disability, self-identification issues, depression, anxiety and other critical issues that affect the daily lives of people with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Catch the replay here and follow the advocacy work of all six participants on their social media channels.

This conversation was SO important. It’s so amazing to see mental health becoming more of a talking about in the IBD world and for there to be more of an understanding about how the mind/body connection works. The advocates on this call are top-notch. Great advocates. Amazing friends. All around fantastic people.


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