After a really long time of being an ostomate, I stumbled upon I was like “oh hey, I could meet some others, who know maybe even help some people down in the dumps”. Yea…not so much.
The first thing I noticed about this website was the structure and function of it, is HORRIBLE. I mean impossible to find anything. I did a few searches and didn’t really find anyone in my area, but that was no biggie. So I just left it alone for a while…well…they email you about every five seconds. I was getting boat loads of emails and other things, so in my little brain I was thinking “oh great, people I get to help”. When in reality it was more like “oh great, another creepy old man”. My experience with was like a scene out of a lifetime movie. It was boatloads of creepy old men sending me weird emails.
They have this little ticker on the left hand side where it shows you who is online and their age and sex. I kid you not, I never saw anyone who was under 40 and maybe one girl every few days.
So I let it go. I was like, “you know maybe there are a few diamonds in the rough”. Wrong. Creepers all the time. I finally cancelled my profile. All of the people who contacted me said they too had ostomies, but I’m skeptical. People are weird.