Today is the day before my surgery. I’ve already had my last meal, all of my appointments and yadda yadda. Since I’ll be in surgery for St. Patrick’s Day, I wore my “Lucky Lass” shirt today for all of my appointments. I would say it wasn’t very lucky because for the first time ever the PICC team had a hard time placing the PICC not in my neck….(the picc line runs from your arm up and around and is supposed to go down, mine kept going up into my throat). So we got that fixed, but it seems to be bleeding more than normal. The PICC team peaces out at 7pm…its 8pm so I’ll just tough it out until tomorrow.
Good news is I have to be at the surgery center at 5:30am…which is good cause I’m the first surgery of the day. For my last surgery, I was the last for the day at 4pm and I didn’t get to eat the whole day so I was super pissed.
I had two of my UC BFFs meet me at the clinic today. All of us have, have had, and will have Dr. Remzi as our surgeon. Colin is done, Kevin hasn’t started. I talk to these two guys pretty frequently online but it was really nice to meet them in person. And it was really cool that they made the drive into CC to see me.

I bet you don't have a stamp like this...

When I went to see Dr. Remzi, Dr. Ong came into see me first. I didn’t remember his name, but immediatly remembered his face. He’s the doctor that told me the last surgery didn’t work, coldy and abruptly after my last surgery. Total Ahole. I could tell he remembered me, which makes me wonder if I lost it on him when I was drugged up last time. Oh well, he seemed nice enough this time…Dr. Remzi came in, and said that he was very confident that we’d be able to do this surgery tomorrow, but there is always “the god factor”. He didn’t say if we’d have to switch the stoma site, or if we could complete this surgery in one step. Its all still a mystery.

There is still a lot of questions. A lot of anxiety. But…we’ll all know very early tomorrow morning what the outcome will be. I’ll update as soon as I can type coherently. Thanks to all for the the well wishes…and hell, I’ll even take your prayers at this point.