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So as the next surgery draws near, I find myself slowly freaking out. Quietly, but still freaking out. I have had 3 surgeries in my life, never been scared or nervous or anything before them until this one. The is the only one I have gone into feeling good. I feel really good. Still fat. But good. Its hard to go into this one all chipper when I know on the other side is a lot of crap…ugh..literally. I’m nervous for #2 ….ha. No seriously.
Anyway heres the other kicker. My MS has been in remission since ’07. HuRah! right?  But during the last 2 surgeries I was on a boat load of steroids. Which allegedly* helps the MS too. So if this is the case, well I’m not on steroids anymore.  Peasants rejoice. But without the steroids there is talk that another surgery could aggravate the MS. Peasants…don’t rejoice.
So the idea of waltzing in there awesome…and leaving relapsed and in pain and with an asshole loop-ileo (ha. literally) doesn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies. Eh I’m really just bitching now, but more or less. I’m nervous when I’m usually

I fucking hate these things

not. Its dumb.
P.s. Wanna know what I hate most about MS. The fucking glitter banners. I hate that crap…wrote about how much I hate them here.
* I find most MS therapies a load of capital B, Bullshit. Including steroid courses to help with replases.