Yesterday was a big day for me. I started grad school. Holy hell, it makes me feel SUPER old. I mean WTF is blackboard anyway?
I met with a new GI…which was good and bad. I waited a long ass time, that pissed me off. She seemed nice. I dunno we’ll see when I need her care.
I also started my 70 count down until surgery. I have been going crazy about what I eat lately. So heres the run down real quick on how I attempt to get to surgery weight in just 70 days. I have been watching a boat load of “inspirational” TV. And in my book that means things like “I used to be fat”, “Heavy”, and “Biggest Loser”.  I read articles, I get an annoying amount of articles about losing weight sent to me. I follow “REAL FAT” on Facebook who is really good at being real at what she does.
I stole the countdown idea from one of those shows, made my own and now I can tear it off everyday. I already tore today’s off, hence why it says 69…hah. (I’m 12).
Anyway, I count ALL of my calories. Like a total nut job, I weight everything, prepackage it all and write it ALL down. I’m spending a GD fortune to meet with a trainer 2 times a week. But shes really helpful considering how out of shape I am. Since getting sick I lose whatever stamina and conditioning I had, so working out is in general REALLY fucking hard for me. I feel like the kids on “I used to be fat” who are 250lbs.
I have enlisted my friends and handy dandy google docs to create spread sheets and charts to help motivate them, to motivate me. I go big or go home, and I also love spreadsheets.
Basically, it is the right time. I feel good about it now, I feel ready, I think I have found my motivation. I am really big on being accountable for yourself, so internet, here we go. I am currently 165.2. I have 69 days to hit my goal of 145. 150 is in the range in which I was given, but I’m spending the money and putting in the time and work, and I want those extra 5 lbs.
I need to remember this every time I don’t want to work out: