Hey ya’ll. Whelp its early Sunday morning, 4 days after surgery. I have been so drugged up that  I couldn’t write even if I wanted to, and this probably wont be very interesting because Im having a hard time making full thoughts. I have fallen asleep mid sentence, while drinking/eating a couple times. I spilled ice chips all over myself and had to get my sheets changed which was nice and painful. Ugh. Ouch.
Good news is that I pulled through surgery like a champ. No problems no complications. Bad news is that He didn’t do the surgery laproscopically. I’m too fat at this point because of the mother lovin’ predinose. I, was not thrilled with this news. We’ll just add this giant scar to my other giant scar from surgery last year. Its really ugly because its got staples closing it which totally freaks me out. I’ve got pictures of it, I’ll post at the end. I also got Dr. Remzi to take pictures of my colon after he took it out. I’ll post that as well.
I just got word from the doctor that I’m rockin out. I get pumped to a full liquid diet and crackers.  OH MAN!  Its about time, I’m tired of clear liquids and its making me cranky.  But I’ve been peeing a ton, and my stool output is good and is getting thicker which is all good signs.
The bag. Yea the bag. Its still pretty ugly and not fun to look at. Its gross to empty but I honestly do feel like I feel better. I’m still in pain on the incision, but I feel like I have more energy and stuff. So who knows maybe everyone was right when they said I’d be happier with the bag.
I didn’t wake up with a nose or butt tube which made me thrilled! The PICC Line has worked magically, as I haven’t needed them to poke me at all for getting blood. I’ve gotten goo pain meds either through IV or orally. Dilauded is still my friend even though it makes me itch. I have itched through the skin in two spots…whoops…but its worth it. The doctor this morning said that I might get discharged tomorrow…which is awesome..but not. I’ll still have to stay in Cleveland for a few days, which means back to sharing a room with mom and dad…..yikes. We’ll see about that one.
I feel like I’ve got tons and tons to say but my thoughts are ALL over the place. Im pretty scatter brained at this point. I can’ get the wireless on my camera to work so I’ll post those pictures a little later. But if you’ve got any questions, shoot them my way! I’m excited to have one surgery down. I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere. And aside from the one bitch nurse I had on night one….is been awesome. Great, friendly nurses who so far have done anything that I asked. they know me, and what my “normals” are, so its been really pleasant. Come to Cleveland you’ll be happy you did.  Also they have those stupid beds here that are constantly inflating and deflating no matter what you do….you can unplug our bed if this bothers you….which it did for me.
BUT if you have a roommate be considerate. Dont turn your TV up ricdiculously loud, dont leave it on when you leave the room, and dont be rude to the nurses they are nice and here to help! Also dont whine about eveything. EVERYTHING. Its not that bad, trust me, I know.
Pictures to come. Stay tuned!!!