So, this morning I was wiping my bum and I found a staple. No seriously, a staple.  Lets rewind. I’ve got some gross mucous that comes outta my bum from time to time, which requires some wiping. So I wiped and got a staple. Weird. So I emailed Awesome Vicki and my email ended in “Is my butt stapled closed?” No Joke. She basically said there are a few tiny staples in there, its ok if one or so comes out, and its not stapled closed.
Anyway. I’ve decided that I miss my butt. I miss just pooping like a regular person. I miss not having to smell my poop every time I need to get rid of it. I miss not having to change my bag. I just kinda miss it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking forward to the whole pooping yourself again stage and diapers and junk. In fact I’m terrified of that stage. TERRRRRIFIED.  I don’t miss waking up in the night to go to the bathroom. I don’t miss urgency. I scuured of it all.
Also I talked to Vicki more about what went wrong during my last surgery. More on that to come later…I’m going to try to get Remzi to let me video tape our next app. We’ll see.