Tis true. I blame my UC on my parents. Most of you may be thinking well clearly I must have some horrible set of family genes which has caused me to come out with a sarcastic attitude and two auto immune diseases. While this may be the case, though NO ONE in the entirety of my extended families has either disease, this is not why I blame them.
Instead my parents did something to me so horrible when I was a child it has set the stage for the rest of my life. They did something that would turn out to be so prophetic its eerie. So I warn you parents out there… be mindful of the decisions you make for your children.
So what did they do that was so awful? What was SO horrible that I blame my entire diseased colon on them. They gave me a nickname.
A nickname? Yea, a nickname.
Whats so bad about a nickname?
The nickname set me up for failure, humiliation, and would foreshadow my life many years down the road.
The nickname…
See. Its totally their fault.