Hospitals are weird places. Hygeine…not so much important. They give you a bunch of stuff to clean yourself, no water soaps and crappy tooth brushes but no one really uses them.  Only in the hospital can you go a week without a shower and its not a big deal…and somehow you don’t stink. Its really strange. Also your hair doesn’t get greasy…hospitals break all  hygiene barriers. I’ve seen a lot of products in the hopsital to keep patients clean from dry shampoos to the latest and not so greatest thing I found to day. This magical thing is a shower cap that you heat up in the microwave and then you shampoo your head in it. I know, right.
Its got shampoo AND conditioner in it so you just sorta swoosh your hair around in it and then tada…clean head… theory. Well after an official week without showering today I decided to give it a go. The shower cap that is, not the shower. Showering while with an IV and other crap is a MEGA hassle. So I use the shower cap…it wasn’t great but I guess it did the job, it feels like cheapo motel shampoo. I’m not talkin nice, hilton style steal it for later shampoo, like airport Ho-Jo motel shampoo. Stuff you might not even use on your dog. But I guess its better than nothing.
Then I used the no rinse body wash…which is weird. Its like you put it on  a washcloth and rub it on your skin and thats it…tada…clean! I guess.

This is what I used today.

Also…tooth brushing…doesn’t happen while in the hospital. You try to, you want to, but you just dont. And if you forget yours be prepared to get the WORSE toothbrush ever. The bristles were literally like the length of my pinkie. HUGE. Hospitals mean well, and they try to make things nice and convenient for people who can’t move a lot, or are, you know, dying. However, its just not so great, I dont really think that they work so well.
So anyway, this entry sucked. But what I’m trying to say is, people are unshowered and stinky in the hospital, and its totally ok.
Also. Ps…hospital WTF is up with telling me I can’t drink water but I can eat ice chips? Last time I was the same thing?!