To quote the musical genius that was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, I’ve been feeling some Good Vibrations…oh oh oh oh oh…its such a sweeeet sensation. Its a very strange feeling. And I can only explain it as a vibration…perhaps I’m going nuts. From below my belly button and down to the bottom of my stomach region, every once in a while I feel these vibrations. They a light, and don’t hurt but it just sorta vibrates a bit and then its gone. ….Phantom Colon? I’m convinced I’m having Phantom everything. And yes, I will capitalize Phantom every time.
Perhaps I’m just waaaay more in tune with my body than any person should ever be. I’ve been told that there are no nerve endings in your small intestine, and stoma. However, I am convinced that I feel things. Phantom nerve endings?
I have also been told that when they sliced and diced me open that obviously they cut up some nerves and those nerves are all connected to my stomach, bladder, intestines, the whole shabang. Perhaps I’m feeling the nerves reconnecting? I do remember in previous surgeries feeling this happen but it was painful.  This is not painful but just a sweeeeet sensation. It almost like I can feel food moving through me now. Does my life get any more weird? I mean seriously. I am a diseased wonder, I blog about poop and farts, and now I’m so in tune with my own body that I can feel digestion. Lets not forget that I get to revisit everything I eat multiple times on a daily basis.
Well and with that thought, I leave you with the fine stylings of Marky Mark.