So yesterday started out….poopy. Literally. Its my own fault.
So the night before I knew that the seal on my wafer wasn’t totally stuck to my skin. But this happens, however normally I’m gtg. However…apparently this time was different because I woke up in the morning with a way broken seal, and poop on myself as well as my blanket. GROSS.
Its just this feeling of…ugh. Its no longer traumatizing (though this is only my second leak) its just more of, “gawd this is my life and now its going to take forever to clean up, so much for my sleeping in”.
But life goes on. I guess.
On another depressing note..guess what, I’m still fat.
Remember everyone saying “oh with an ileo you’ll lose weight like crazy” FALSE
“Once you’re off the steroids you’ll drop that weight like crazy” FALSE
I never have lost weight after steroids, not right away at least. Having an ileo has done NOTHING for weight loss. I’m starting to get a bit worried because I have to lose weight before my surgery. But nothing is working. I tried nutrisystem which I know someone in real life who SWEARS by it, and it makes me dizzy. Seriously dizzy all day everyday to the point where I’m gonna pass out. So yea, that didn’t work.
I do more than just sit on my ass, my job requires a fair amount of walking and stairs but I still can’t do a lot of hardcore exercise. So basically…I feel like I’m totally out of options. I can’t really postpone the surgery because in Jan I have to repay my deductible and that’s wicked expensive. I don’t know what to do anymore.