Ok so get this. Heres the real dish on my insurance. I had ok insurance, but it turned out to be ROCKSTAR insurance after I got sick. $15 copays/prescriptions, and never more than $2500 out of pocket for a year including the deductible. So its expensive, but totally do able with payment plans and what not. So I’ve had surgery this year so I have already paid all of this money, paid it off, done accomplished and then the plan was to have the next 2 totally taken care of from here on out. WAHOOO.
Well….here’s the kicker. My insurance company just went out a business. Awesome. They are referring their clients to someone else, who wont deny me cause of my conditions but are also doubling my copays/scripts and tripling my deductible and out of pocket costs. Heres the real fun part, the deductible and money I already paid…doesn’t count for anything. So I will have to pay ANOTHER deductible, another BIGGER deductible again this year. Wow. Awesome.
Did I mention that I also recently lost my job?
So in order to hopefully screw my insurance company back, I am filing a claim at the Michigan Office for something something insurance related…and by me, I mean my mom.

This is what 4 months of ostomy supplies looks like

Also because who the crap knows what will really actually happen, I went nuts on ordering ostomy supplies. I ordered everything I would need from now until my next surgery which is about 4 months of supplies. Which is a lot of crap. I also have a small house with little to no storage…so where am I going to keep all of this crap.
Clearly the only logical place…the entertainment center.
No seriously, I have no where else. So this is where they will stay.
Long story short, I have no job, and waaaaaaaaaaaay more bills than I was ever anticipating. Awesome. Ok life. What else you got for me?