Hi I’m a Pee hat

Nurses are weird. No really. I’ve had many nurses tell me through all this I should be a nurse because I know a lot at this point and I’ve been a patient enough to really be able to relate. Buuuut heres the thing…I dont really like people. And hospitals are really weird places. I have a hard enough time dealing with this whole bag thing on my own, and the really fun thing about being in the hospital is that you get to pee into a “hat” everytime and save it.
Then as if thats not weird enough, I have to put all of the output from my stoma into a container as well. Then when I’m done with all that, I call in the nurse, she looks its over and then flushes it down the toilet. Thats their job. To give me drugs and flush my crap down the toilet.
I can see why many nurses are in a shitty mood…they have to deal with gross things…a lot. Although when you’re on the colorectal floor, I feel as though its a given.
Also today I broke the first rule of going to the doctor…I forgot to bring extra ostomy supplies…which turned out ok because they just gave me more. Sweet.
This post is really random. I apologize. But today I am super cranky. Not only am I back in the hospital but they want to put me on a clear liquid diet AGAIN. For no reason. none. Im starving. Word of the wise…ALWAYS eat before you come into the hospital. They will take away your food and happiness the first second they can. Jerks.