Whelp I got discharged on Monday and we decided to stick around just in case something went wrong.  Well….I’m readmitted back into the hospital today. And I’m trying to write all this out before I get knocked out again on pain meds and benadryl.
Anyway, I left on MOnday with some incision site pain, but that was about it. Moving slowly but over all good. Yesterday My incision hurt a lot more, and the pain pills I got didn’t seem to be working to get it under control. I called the Dr and they gave  me a script for Dilauded in pill form…and said to stick around and call in the morning for an update. Well last night sucked, it was mega painful, and I’ve been coughing so its extra painful. I woke up this morning with more pain in my abdomen plus the incision site. Its just lots and lots of mega pain.
So no pain killers work, so here I am. Hopped up on dilauded again (thank god) and about to get some benadryl so I’ll be down for the count for a bit. But I wanted to say thanks to the new readers with their new comments. Its really awesome to get those.
So the plan now is to take a good long nap and wait for Remzi to get here and tell me what the deal is. Vicki, his nurse thinks that I have a build up of fluid under my incision. Which isn’t bad just really painful. I still want to get those pictures up and posted, but the wireless here is stupid, so it may have to wait till I get home. I know you’re all waiting at the edge of your seat to see my colon and big ‘ol incision.
But anyway..other than that, Stella(my stoma) is still functioning. Shes annoying. Shes loud. And I really think it will be a hate/hate relationship with her. Ah well. Well, I have TONS more to say, but again…drugs…
Funny story about drugs. In the hospital they ask you to rate your pain on a 10 point scale about a million times a day. Over the weekend when I was WAAY drugged up..the nurse asked me my pain level and I said, “blue and green”….see…its good stuff.