Ok I have tried MANY bags while on the hunt for the right one. I have finally found one that works best for me, its still not perfect but after much trial and error its the best I’ve got. BUT hopefully I can give some advice on what I liked and dislike about the many other systems I used.
(If you want product numbers for anything in this post just let me know)
Side notes and things no one really told me:

  • Almost all bags will come in clear or opaque. I prefer the clear as gross as it is. Especially in the beginning so you can monitor your output and see what happening in there.
  • You can almost always find flat or convex wafers (read below for more info on that)
  • Almost all companies sell some kind of paste
  • Almost all suppliers will let you order samples. Lots of them. ORDER THEM. They are free and its really helpful to find out what you like. Also if you can, Hollister has a HUGE sample kit they send out to new ostomates but your nurse will have to order it. Coloplast does too.
  • There are precut wafers and ones you have to cut yourself. Unless you’ll have your ostomy permanently, I suggest the ones you cut yourself because your stoma will change size.

PS. This entry is SUPER LONG. SUPER. If you’re heading down this road with bags in your future, I suggest that you do take some time to read it. I’m a wealth of info. I also apologize for the hodgepodge of pictures.


(Huge long review, bear with me)
This is the system that I use. Its a 2 piece made by coloplast. The wafer (the piece that sticks to your body) is pretty thin, and a plasticy material. It sticks pretty well but if you wait too long to change it, when you do take it off small pieces of the edges will be stuck to your skin and left behind.
Why I like this:
Its a 2 piece system which is always nice. The click is a great locking system and is also really reassuring. Also I wear my bag sideways, so with this system I just unclick and turn it to empty it. Really super easy. Also the BEST thing about coloplast is the opening. Its BY FAR the best out of all other bags in my opinion. Take a look at the picture of the opening, and you’ll see that its a thick plastic, that sort of folds back on itself for easy emptying and cleaning. There is velcro behind it to keep it in place when its open and then when you close it and roll it, there is velcro to keep in in place. Its the BEST and EASIEST to clean. I would HIGHLY recommend an opening like this.
Also I use the MIDI bag instead of the usual MAXI bag. I found that when I did wear the MAXI bag downward it hit my thighs in a stupid spot and was uncomfortable. This bag is smaller and shorter and works well for me because I’m short, but you do run the risk of having to empty more often.
I also use the convex wafer…which…means its turned in and not flat. It helps to make your stoma pop out. This convex wafer doesn’t push to far/hard so its not painful and doesn’t make the site sore.
The bag also fold up inside of itself to make it even smaller.

MIDI bag vs. MAXI bag

I also cut the hold on the wafer a little to one side that way the stick part doesn’t fall into my belly button and then not stick as well. A little trick of the trade there.
The wafer falling apart is sorta annoying. Its also thicker than I would like but again..its really not that bad.


What I like about this:
The wafer and the bag together is SUPER SUPER flat. You can barely tell its there at all. Honestly. After surgery this one is great because of the floating flange.
All other 2 piece systems you have to press it into your belly to get it to click together. This one you can lift up the part that it clicks to, so there is no pressure on your stomach. Its a nice simple easy 2 piece, that you can “burp” easily if you’ve got some air in your bag, which can be a perk. The wafer is a cloth type material and lays completely flat to your skin. Its pretty nice.
What I don’t like about this:
THE OPENING THE OPENING THE OPENING! I would have stuck with this system from the beginning if the opening didn’t SUCK. There is no velcro, which is not a deal breaker but it helps. The end is a plastic but it isn’t as thick or stiff as the coloplast one so often you can’t get it open without sorta fishing in there to get the two sides to separate. There is also a small plastic lip on the ends, which I would cut off if I were going to use this system. Its harder to turn to the side than the coloplast one, but it is still possible. The opening also just rolls a few times and then sorta has this velcro type material at the bottom that holds it together.



Things I like about this:
The opening is ok. Its better than Hollister. There is reinforced plastic in there so it makes it easier to open but not as clean like on the Coloplast. Also you roll it like the Hollister piece but there is another piece that goes over the roll for further reinforcement, which I liked. The click on this worked pretty well but it was hard to get to snap.
Things I didn’t like about this:
The click put a lot of pressure on a fresh from surgery stomach. Hurt a lot. And because I was afraid to push, I was afraid it wasn’t clicked in to place properly. Also the wafer on this thing is HUGE. Its really thick, which makes the whole system thicker than desirable.  I felt like because it was so thick it didn’t want to stick to my skin as well, and over all just didn’t care for it. I wore this system once and decided I hated it.


You can get almost all systems open or closed. I didn't have an open one in the sticky.

(Sticky two piece)
Things I like about this:
It is SUUUUUUPER flat. Like the flatest ever, you CANNOT tell that its there. That was awesome. Also it has the opening that I LOVE by coloplast.
Things I hate about this:
I don’t really see the point. Because its sticky, its essentially a 2 piece…thats kind of a one piece. The only benefit is that you could change the bag every few days without changing the wafer, but once you take the bag off, you have to kinda clean off the sticky part which is about impossible. Nice idea, bad execution.


Things I like about this:
Uhm the opening…its awesome…duh.
Things I hate about this:
I dislike the one piece for many reasons. You cannot change the bag more frequently. Also you cannot turn it to the side like I like to do. Some people like it and feel more secure, but I found it just more obnoxious. For me the Coloplast wafers are also too big when put on my skin the way they are supposed to go (horizontal) so I put them on vertical…which clearly you cannot do if you have a one piece.



Ok there are just TONS of stuff that you can use if your skin gets irritated or whatever. Here is some of the stuff I use.
In the picture there is:
— A measuring guide: Your stoma changes sizes (weird right?) so you’re supposed to measure it once a week.
–Stoma Powder: This helps if the skin around your stoma is red an irritated.
–The little wet nap lookin thing is adhesive remover. It helps to take the wafers off your skin without hurting.
— The tube is coloplast paste. You put paste around the hold on the wafer to  help keep it stuck to your skin and help prevent leaks. Remember my post on leaks? Use paste  (I did and I still got one)
–The Stick thingy is a different kind of paste. Both have their perks. I think so far I like this one because the tube gets clogged after every use, but with the stick you have to touch it and its REALLY sticky.
–The circle thingy is yet again a type of paste. Except this one you just stick on the circle of the wafer and mold it to fit. Many people like these but I found them to be too thick.
–The blue ring on the picture is where you’d put the paste (the blue isn’t really there)