Through I met a fantastical friend named Brevin. Brevin has already completed his surgeries and is living his awesome jpouch life. Brevin is the one that told me about Camp Oasis.
I was so shocked and amazed when I found out about this camp I immediately applied to be a counselor. Then after waiting a few days I didn’t hear anything, so I stalked down the local camp director and set up a meeting with her. I’m driven when something really peaks my interest. I’m also a little creepy.
Anyway…Camp Oasis. Let me tell you about how amazing this place is. Its a camp for kids with IBD, and its run on a volunteer basis with most of the adults around also having IBD. They bring in doctors and nurses and have this mega elaborate system for distributing medications and taking care of these kids. They ship in porta potties to put all over the camp so we can all poop at ease and without embarrassment. The camps give the kids a chance to be kids, with other kids who can understand them. They have water sports, horseback riding, ropes courses and so much other cool stuff for these kids. I cannot imagine having this disease as a child, and I was so thankful to know that there is a place like this for these kids…a place that I KNEW I had to be apart of.
Here’s the best part.  The camp…is FREE for all campers. Its free. Isn’t that amazing? This camp is possible due to only donations and if I  had a ton of money..I would be donating constantly I think this place is so important and I haven’t even been there.
This disease can be so isolating. So embarrassing. It can make you feel like you’re not

Got this while googling Kumbaya. Awesome.

even human anymore, and I’m happy that for just one week out of the year, we can all sit together, sing kumbaya and poop in peace.
So if you’ve got extra money that you’re dying to spend on something…donate to these camps. For realsies.