Back story on my sleeping status. I fall asleep at like 10 wake up at around 1, and stay awake until about 4.  Then I’m up again around 7 or 8. Its really stupid, especially cause its not like I’m waking up to run to the bathroom. I’m just up to be up.
Ok anyway. Last night I went to the bar. I wanted to be like a regular ‘ol 25 year old again and have a couple drinks and live a normal life. Now drinking never caused me any issues after I got my ostomy. Before was a different story but drunk after ostomy was usual just a good drunken time. So I haven’t drank in a few months because of surgery and what not so I didn’t over due it. I had like 3 ciders (cause I drink cider not beer, back off) and I had a good buzz going. I got home and didn’t take anything to sleep because drunk sleep is like a guarantee. But I forgot I was talking about myself.
So sure enough I woke up, this time I made it until 3am…so thanks alcohol. So not only was I awake but I also was well aware that my stomach was hurting a bit. Not at all like UC pains, but very clearly, “you’re not ready to drink” pains. So just when I thought I could be back to normal, I’m not. I’m so tired of recovering from a failure surgery. I wish there was a redo button for my twenties. I’m gonna be halfway through 26 when Im done with surgeries. Then unless everything is perfect….I’ll be basically 30 before I get my life back. Yea…I know 30 is the new 20…but It would have been nice to make that decision for myself. Losing your twenties to sickness is really super unfair.